A n
1 (implement) (for hair, clothes, shoes etc) brosse f ; (small, for sweeping up) balayette f ; (broom) balai m ; (for paint) pinceau m ; (chimney sweep's) hérisson m ; to clean sth with a brush nettoyer qch à la brosse ; soft/hard/wire brush brosse souple/dure/métallique ;
2 (act of brushing) coup m de brosse ; to give one's teeth a quick brush se brosser rapidement les dents ;
3 (encounter) (confrontation with person) accrochage m (with avec) ; (contact with person, celebrity) contact m (with avec) ; to have a brush with the police/with the authorities avoir affaire à la police/aux autorités ; to have a brush with death frôler la mort ;
4 (light touch) frôlement m ; I felt the brush of a bird's wing j'ai senti un oiseau m'effleurer de son aile ;
5 (vegetation or twigs) broussailles fpl ;
6 (fox's tail) queue f de renard ;
7 Elec (in motor) balai m.
B vtr
1 (sweep, clean) brosser [carpet, clothes, shoes] ; to brush one's hair/teeth se brosser les cheveux/les dents ; to brush sb's hair/teeth brosser les cheveux/les dents de qn ; to brush sth off/into sth (with brush or hand) brosser qch de/dans qch ; to brush the knots out of one's hair se démêler les cheveux ;
2 (touch lightly) effleurer [person, part of body, object] (with avec) ; her skirt brushed the floor sa jupe balayait le sol ;
3 Culin to brush sth with badigeonner qch avec [water, milk, egg, oil].
C vi to brush against frôler [person, part of body, object] ; to brush past sb frôler qn en passant ; he brushed past me into/out of the room il m'a frôlé en entrant dans/en quittant la pièce.
D brushed pp adj Tex [cotton, denim, nylon] gratté.
Phrasal verbs
brush aside :
brush aside [sth/sb], brush [sb/sth] aside
1 (dismiss) balayer, repousser [idea, thought, feeling] ; repousser [argument, criticism, person] ;
2 (move away) écarter [cobweb, branch, curtain] ;
3 (beat) balayer, écraser [team, opponent, defences].
brush away :
brush away [sth], brush [sth] away brosser, enlever [crumbs, dirt] ; essuyer [tear] ; écarter [hand].
brush back :
brush back [sth], brush [sth] back brosser [qch] en arrière [hair].
brush down :
brush down [sth], brush [sth] down brosser [coat, skirt, suit, horse].
brush off :
brush off [sth/sb], brush [sth/sb] off repousser [person, offer, allegation, challenge] ; écarter [threat, incident, disagreement].
brush up (on) :
brush up (on) [sth], brush [sth] up se remettre à [language, skill, subject] ; I must brush up on it ou brush it up je dois m'y remettre.

Big English-French dictionary. 2003.

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